Giving back the lobola – eHostela

21 February 2019
Khethiwe is so done with Mndeni, she went as far as giving him back his cows.
ehostela lobola

If you were hoping for a Khethiwe and Mndeni love reunion, that ship has sailed. The singing and romantic duo have gone too far to come back to love.

First Mndeni made the tragic and unknowing mistake of killing Khethiwe’s father in cold blood. Khethiwe spent months trying to figure out who had killed her father and even asking Mndeni for help, not knowing that the love of her life and husband –to-be was the killer she was looking for. When Khethiwe found out painfully on her wedding day, there was no turning back.

The love in her heart for Mndeni made her sick and she did something one just does not do – she gave Mndeni back his lobola money. She essentially took back the Nxumalo cows. There is no question that Khethumndeni is over.

Or is it really? Khethumndeni the romantic couple may be over but the recording duo has just started. With a music deal that Khethiwe signed in haste to save her family home, maybe music could bring forgiveness and love back to Khethiwe Mndeni.

Another requirement of the deal is for them to have a public wedding on Our Perfect Wedding to boost album sales. Will Khethiwe agree to the bogus wedding? Could wearing the white dress and walking down the aisle towards Mndeni make her revisit and renew her wedding vows?

Stay tuned to #eHostelaMzansi to see how the greatest love story told on Mzansi will end.