Give Me That Bill Mzansi: "It's a party time!"

20 March 2015
Give Me That Bill Mzansi: "It's a party time!" Image : 349

This week on Give Me That Bill Mzansi you will be interested to see who has been partying way outside their means! We have a couple of party-related bills and our contestants get Siya and Kenny dancing like crazy on the show! The next episode is nothing short of fun and electric energy!
The “crazy” in each show will always be there! But then again, what’s more crazy than racking up a bill that you can’t pay off? Kenneth reminds us to be responsible with the decisions we make and more importantly, about the one’s relating to money and debt.

Bill stories on the show range from gym cancellations fees, clothing bills, school fees and the epic, party bills, to just mention a few. The show starts off on a good note and witnesses a few hiccups along the way but all is good and well as lessons are learnt with each bill story told and games played.

Give Me That Bill Mzansi helps people get out of sticky situations and this week, we come across a woman who breaks down into tears after she wins a complete settlement of her bill! Make it a point that you do not miss this episode and watch the lives of numerous South Africans change for the better.

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