Give Me That Bill Mzansi Ep13: A hairy situation

27 March 2015
Give Me That Bill Mzansi Ep13: A hairy situation Image : 363

The bills on this week’s episode of Give Me That Bill Mzansi range from educational to recreational and all the contestants are equally eager to have them paid! Kenneth claims to have lost weight from all the money that he has been giving away... Do you think he's lost any weight vele?

Kenneth dishes out some wise advice on responsible spending to one contestant with expensive taste in clothes, and another with a desire to watch everything on a big screen. Both went in way over their heads, but off course, Kenneth and Siyabonga come to their rescue. Kenneth further advises that bills can be a part of our lives but don't have to take over our lives. What do you think of those words?

The challenges are nothing short of energetic and exciting; and some nail biting moments when some very near losses against the clock will have you on the edge of your seat! In this exciting final episode, Kenny and Siya are confronted by some serious hair-raising bills. The stakes have never been higher and these contestants have a lot to lose - or win.

The season finale of Give Me That Bill ends on a very high note when one lucky contestant feels her way through the dark to victory, and her bill paid in full. What a fitting way to end the season! Here's a sneak preview of what you can expect:

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