Give Me That Bill Mzansi Ep11: Light at the end of the tunnel

15 March 2015
Give Me That Bill Mzansi Ep11: Light at the end of the tunnel Image : 336

How in the world does one even begin to explain what happened in last night’s episode of Give Me That Bill Mzansi? We witnessed losses from the warm-up round right through to the qualifier! Whilst the situation looked like there would be no one going through to the semi-final round, Chris’ win put us at ease as he qualified with half of his bill cleared. Having qualified for the semi-final round, Chris made it through to the last round and won a full settlement of his R8000 bill. Watch his glorious victory here:

Our Wild Card, Daisy, was the second person through to the semi-finals and with that, only two people went head-to-head for a spot in the final round. This has never happened on the show before and it was a relief to have atleast two people make it through to the next round.


The show most certainly did not start off on a good note with a loss from our first contestant, Samuel:

Siphiwe lost in his qualifying game and also lost out on the chance to have his bill by 50%:

Clide followed suit and lost “All or Nutting”, remaining with his furniture bill of R13 480.

Whilst Malizole’s game looked promising, she struggled near the end and failed to make it through to the semi-finals:

Luckily, the show did not end off on a bad note. What are your thoughts regarding the turnout of the episode?

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