Give Me That Bill Mzansi Ep5: Someone is in trouble!

31 January 2015
Give Me That Bill Mzansi Ep5: Someone is in trouble! Image : 254

Someone is in trouble! Who isn’t paying their bills out there? Dressed as police officers, Siyabonga Ngwekazi and Kenneth Nkosi help contestants clear their bills and live a debt-free life! In this week’s episode of Give Me That Bill Mzansi, we will see contestants with tragic and strange stories about their bills but that’s no big deal because our officers have seen it all!

Now imagine that you got retrenched at work, what are some of monetary decisions that you would make to ensure that you are not left without a cent to spare? How about spending your money smartly? No? Well one of the contestants thought it was a better idea to not only exhaust his savings but take loans and land himself in debt! You don’t want to miss out on how his journey plays out on the show.

Our presenters are always out to challenge the contestants with each game played. Some new and challenging games introduced this week include “The Writing’s On the Wall” and “Cooler Scooter Woulda”. Boy are some of the contestants lucky to make it through just on time!

From repairing a car to replacing a damaged laptop, the contestants each have a unique story attached to their bill. Be sure not to miss this week’s segment and witness how each contestant fairs in each game played. With police officers in the building, you should expect a serious cranking of that whip!

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