Give Me That Bill Mzansi Ep6: Mosimanegape takes it all!

08 February 2015
Give Me That Bill Mzansi Ep6: Mosimanegape takes it all! Image : 268

Finally! A clean win in the final round after two episodes of rather sad losses. Mosimanegape surely made his family proud by achieving a full settlement of his bill and therefore enabling him to complete the renovations of his parents’ home. “The Bill Crusher” challenged him quite a bit but Siyabonga was there to guide him through, even with occassional screams! Watch his moment here:

Charlotte got the ball rolling at the beginning of the show, in the warm-up round, with a complete settlement of her bill of R1500. We hope that she learned a good lesson about trust. Watch her game here:

Unfortunately, Tsebang did not pick up on the tone set, his game dwindled out of control and he lost out on the opportunity to get his bill paid in full. His bill was the smallest on the episode, a bill of R600. Let’s hope he will be able to make a plan about that one.

Itumeleng’s game in “Stack Attack” began well and looked promising up until the very end when his structure came tumbling down! He played smartly and got a solid foundation – here’s a man who will build you a home with his bare hands! He was doing very well and came close to achieving a win. Watch his unfortunate end here:

Despite a couple of losses throughout the game, all ended well with Mosimanegape’s win! That should also remind you that you can also win yourself extra cash by entering our weekly WeChat competition and stand the chance of winning R1000, courtesy of Mzansi Magic (Give Me That Bill Mzansi). Thath’ama chance nawe!

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