Get your Dream Dress on a Budget!

09 April 2015
Get your Dream Dress on a Budget! Image : 383
Every bride dreams of walking down the aisle in an expensive looking gown that draws gasps of awe from her guests, but not every bride has pockets deep enough to buy their dream dress. If you dream of a custom Pnina Tornai or Gavin Rajah creation but can’t afford it, don’t despair! There are inventive ways to get a gorgeous dress on a budget.

1. Have a dress made for you
It would seem to be the other way round, but having a custom dress made for you works out to be cheaper than buying one from the salon floor. You get to control every detail that goes into the dress, and in so doing, you get to control how much money goes into it. You can emulate the dress you saw on a bridal salon floor, but go for a less expensive fabric or less embellishments. Also, you save on alterations because the dress is made to fit your body.

2. Buy your dress at a last-season sale
Many bridal boutiques will offer sales to clear out last season dresses to make space for newer dresses. Such sales sometimes slash their dress prices by up to 50 per cent! One boutique’s last season may be one bride’s dream dress.

3. Score the store sample
You fell in love with the dress on the salon floor, tried it on, and saw yourself walking down the aisle in it. Why not buy the very one you tried on? It’ll be way cheaper than ordering a brand new one. Sure, it’s been tried on before, but so have all the clothes you buy; that shouldn’t deter you. A steam and dry clean later, it’ll be good as new. As good as the best, for less.

4. Rent a dress
Sure, it’s probably not every bride’s first option, but renting a gown can give you your special day in your dream dress without breaking the bank. The day will be imortalised in pictures and you can always show them off and brag about how much of a goddess you looked

5. Substitute
Borrow a veil from a relative, buy less expensive accessories. You don’t have to get your shoes from a bridal boutique, just go shopping for white shoes that work with your dress. Whatever you can do to cut costs and direct those funds into getting your dream dress, do it. Nobody will know you didn’t go all out on all the other details, they’ll just be in awe of how beautiful and put together your entire look was.

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