From Ally to adversary

24 January 2017
How to lose friends and alienate people.

Maru may be smart. He may have outwitted, outdone and outperformed the likes of Morakile and everyone else, but what does he know about an outlaw called Sharon D? Tselane’s mother is not to be crossed.

In between poisoning Princess Oarabile and using her youngest daughter’s baby as a meal ticket, Sharon D cares for her family. Maru should know better than to betray her.

After covering for him and keeping all his dirty secrets under wraps Sharon D was mortified to learn that Maru had recorded a conversation they had.

Was there any other reason to record her other than to incriminate her when the time came? When it was suitable for him to throw her under the bus.

When Tselane played the recording back to Sharon D, it wasn’t difficult to read in between the lines. Maru was no longer to be trusted. Essentially Maru had turned against her. Didn’t he forget all the strings she’d pulled for him? All the lies she’s told to keep him looking squeaky clean even though we all knew he was a cold blooded murderer?

What Maru seems to have forgotten is that Sharon D is just as power-hungry and, like him, she will stop at nothing to hold onto it. As far as Sharon D saw Tselane had all the power after he signed it over to her. This put Sharon D in a position of influence and, more importantly in a position to overthrow him.

There was never a more perfect time for Tselane to play her proxy card now. If only Maru knew that it could end terribly for him.

Will Tselane do as her mother says?

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