10 reasons The Wife trended for weeks!

11 September 2022
You've heard about it, now it's time to witness the drama on Mzansi Magic.
Man and woman in love

The original Showmax production, The Wife, has been serving goals. We know you’ve heard about it, and seen it  dominate the trends list,  now it’s time to witness the magic!

Here are all the reasons it trended week after week:

1. #MCE'S

The Zulu brothers are infamous for being man crush worthy. Whether you like them short, tall, sweet, cunning or mysterious, you can think of the Zulu brothers as your favourite seven colours Sunday meal. All elements bringing their own flavour to the party.

2. Steamy sex scenes 

The danger is thinking that sex scenes in South Africa are not top-tier. This show gives us another level of intimacy and romance and we're here for it. For this reason, make sure the kiddies are in bed by 21:30.

3. Action, action and more action!

The action packed scenes will leave you feeling bamboozled. Think money heists, taxi wars, revenge and all the danger that being in love brings. 

5. The brotherhood 

The bond that the brothers share is beautifully captured in the series. SA was completely enthralled with the loyalty, respect and complexity of the relationship.

6. Fresh new talent

We love seeing new faces on 161 and that's exactly what Bonko Khoza ( Mqhele) and Mbalenhle Mavimbela ( Mahlomu) provide. Find out why Showmax subscribers fell in love with the lead actors.

7. SAFTA -Award winning talent

The stellar production also boasts familiar faces, such as Isibaya's and SAFTA Award winner Abdul Khoza ( Nqoba), Grassroot's actress Zikhona Sodlaka (Mandisa) just to name a few. Trust us when we say, the cast is serving acting goals, beke le beke.

8. Mjolo the pandemic 

A virgin investigative journalist that is engaged to be married, meets the enigma that is Mqhele and falls in love with an entire criminal? You can only imagine why this had SA on the edge of their seat.

9. The weddings

We love a show that gives us amazing wedding productions and The Wife does not disappoint. We hope this is not too much of a spoiler.

10. The book is a 10 but so is the series 

It's very rare for an audience to be pleased with an adaptation of their favourite book, but it seems this production won over the millions of South African that read the novel series, who was involved in making this series come alive.

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Mzansi Magic viewers to enjoy hit drama series: The Wife

Compact customers who have added Showmax to their DStv bill will be able to binge Season 1 and Season 2 episodes anytime, then go straight on to watch Season 2 on the streaming service once S1 finishes on Mzansi Magic. Season 3 of The Wife starts November 2022 on Showmax.