Former Kaizer Chiefs star player Junior Khanye to bear it all

12 April 2024
The reality show is coming to Mzansi Wethu this July.
Junior Khanye Fixing the Game

He was known as one of the youngest and best football stars in Mzansi and had the world at his feet, then it all went belly up! Now Junior Khanye is letting the public into his life, as he tries to pick himself up and put back the most important pieces of his life on Fixing the Game: Junior Khanye coming to Mzansi Wethu on Thursday 11 July at 18:30. 


In this 14-part reality show, the former Kaizer Chiefs footballer takes Mzansi on an off-the-pitch journey as he faces the biggest ‘game’ of his life which he calls a ‘second chance at life’.


Fixing the Game is more than just about his time on the field, because for Khanye this ‘game’ is all about winning back the heart of his first love and fixing the relationship that will benefit his kids, his family, and career. But after scoring many own goals - some of which were documented on Mzansi Magic’s I Blew It and various other online platforms - this will prove to be a tough challenge as this will come with many conditions. 


“Everyone loves a good comeback story and Fixing the Game is one that we hope viewers will enjoy and also identify with,” said Shirley Adonisi, Channel Director for Local Entertainment Channels. “We bring reality shows like this one not just for entertainment, but hopefully for valuable lessons from some of the most admired public personalities and how they navigate this game called life.”


The former Kaizer Chiefs' youngest and most revered football star lost it all during his heydays and he is excited to be getting another chance to fix where he has faltered. He is making a comeback as an author, entrepreneur, owner of a football academy, and reinventing his career as a football analyst.


“I know that not everyone gets an opportunity and platform like this one and I know it’s God’s way of helping me teach other people about making the right choices in life,” said Junior. “I am honoured and humbled and through this show, I want to be an example that every change you want in your life starts with you.”


Will he succeed in this rematch to redeem himself where it matters most and be that example of how one’s life can be turned around with honest effort? 


Fixing the Game: Junior Khanye premieres on Mzansi Wethu DStv Channel 163 on Thursday 11 July 18:30.


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