Forever connected – Isibaya

17 March 2020
Thandeka lives on through her father.
thandeka sengwayo connection

After over a week long search for Sengwayo, no one could have imagined that he would come back having no memory of his daughter’s death.

We know he knew she had passed on – Sbu said he called him after Thandeka was shot and Sengwayo was at Thandeka’s funeral shedding a tear.

So his amnesia comes as a shock. Could it be because of his connection with Thandeka via Mgijimi. It is a spiritual connection where the two can intertwined for life. Is this how Thandeka will live on, through her father?

Thandeka’s voice speaking to her father was a surprise for Sengwayo and probably a great comfort to know that he now has an ancestor in his daughter. But Sengwayo was not the only one relieved to hear Thandeka’s voice, Mzansi peeps were in their feels at hearing the voice of their fav from the other side.

Could this mean there is more of Thandeka to come? Will she be speaking to Sbu as well to ease him of his pain?