Fooled twice

02 February 2017
What happens when a Judas has everyone at his mercy?
fooled twice

As if things couldn’t get worse for the Zungus with Sengwayo behind bars and their taxis off the road, Mkabayi goes and lets high emotions cloud her thinking and lead her down the wrong path.  


After launching an attack on supposed ally Ndlovu and sabotaging Zungu from every which angle, Ngwenya’s final conquest was the UTA. He walked in as a some sort of savior not to fill in for Samson and Mpiykahe in their absence, but to oust them.

As the acting chairman, Simelane became the perfect target for Ngwenyas scare tactics as Qaphela was sent to blackmail him and buying support. With this, Ngwenya was only to happy to disrupt a UTA meeting to enact a coup. Much to Mkabayi’s displeasure, the guy was voted in as the chairman and this was the straw that broke the camels back.

But they don’t call him Judas for nothing. Leaving the UTA meeting in a state, Mkabayi gathered her hitmen and was ready to kill. However, bad planning and messy emotions led right into the dragon’s den.

Gatsheni, on a hospital bed had a way out of this. Having lost his friendship with Judas over a power struggle, Samson has decided to go knocking on Sengwayo’s door to propose that they put their differences aside and work together to destroy their (now) common enemy.

Can Ndlovu be trusted though? After playing a hand in the destruction of Mpiyakhe. Isn’t it more than ambitious – and a tad delusional -  to think that Sengwayo wouldn’t see right through his selfish bid?

Was Mkabayi onto something with the idea to assassinate Judas?

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