The Queen: Fool's Gold

13 July 2017
'Good' news happen to Uncle Brutus but will his drunkenness get in the way?

So we’ve all pretty much had enough of Goodness Mabuza and the web of lies that she’s spun around the Khozas. She’s plowed through hearts in record time and there seems no end to her trumped-up tale. Goodness has performed quite a feat having toppled The Queen herself and proceeded to control Kagiso’s mind.

It wasn’t very long ago when the very same Goodness had Shaka wrapped around her finger before yanking his heart out and stomping all over it. Since then Shaka’s bruised ego can’t settle and with good reason. He and Uncle Brutus have organised themselves into into a dream team of sorts with the sole mission of exposing Goodness for the imposter she is.  

While Goodness goes on thinking that she’s gotten away with murder, little does she know that Brutus and Shaka are on her heels, unlatching her secret after twisted secret. First it was squeezing Mntase Martha for information…

…now it appears a sliver of gold has fallen on Brutus’ lap…

But we all know that Uncle Brutus is prone to folly, especially when under the influence. Will he handle the news of Goodness being Goldfinger’s daughter with care? When he runs to Shaka with the news will they plan better this time around?

Will this be the final straw that broke the camel’s (read: Goodness) back?

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