Nozipho & Flo

21 July 2017
Nozipho and Flo have been friends for 18 years and essentially grew up together. When asked what they would do if they won the million rand prize, Flo mentioned that the generous cash injection into their livestock and fresh produce farm would help them develop a few spin-off products, while Nozipho told of the pair's ambitions to develop and produce their very own cooking show.
Noz & Flo

I Joined KFC Taste Kitchen Because...

Nozipho: I want to be recognised for my cooking.

Flo: I have ambitions to create products for my business, so they exposure would really go a long way.

When Did You Discover Your Passion For Cooking? 

Nozipho: I was around nine years old, cooking with my grandmother.

Flo: I had a little baking business when I was 13 or 14, and it was back then that I knew I loved being in the kitchen.

What Is Your Favourite Food on the KFC Menu?

Nozipho: The Streetwise Two

Flo: The Colonel Burger

Describe Your Perfect Kitchen/Cooking Space

Nozipho: A large kitchen with lots of spices available and a beautiful view.

Flo: A large multipurpose kitchen where I can be with everyone while I cook.

Words To Live By:

Nozipho: Live and let live

Flo: Tomorrow is a new day, with new opportunities.