Flight to fight

22 February 2017
Can Sengwayo survive life as a fugitive?
flight fight

Sengwayo may be out of jail but he is far from being a free man. Sadly, however, he was faced with little choice with bloodthirsty enemy, Judas, leering over his shoulder with every terrible threat he could muster under hushed tones and an evil grin.

But is Zungu, an upstanding man of the people, cut out for a life on the run?

It all started when Nkabinde cast a spell over Lerato. This was how he would infiltrate the Zungus and steal documents to be used in an elaborate scheme to sabotage Mpiyakhe. In just a matter of days, Lerato was turned into a slave for Nkabinde and Judas’ dirty work.

Not only did Lerato kill the MEC in cold blood, she was made to frame Zungu. Although she was rescued out of Nkabinde’s cave she is still heavily sedated under a dark cloud as the memories of all her crimes come flooding back.

The wheels of justice have a tendency of spinning at a snails pace and while the detective endevours to do things according to the book, Judas goes on terrorizing kwaManzini while Sengwayo sits idle and helpless behind bars. Surely he had no choice but to act quick and protect his family as well as Lerato?

There is too much at stake. Can Sengwayo evade the law long enough to prove his innocence and expose Judas?

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