FIVE times Bonang made us LOL!

05 March 2019
Not just a pretty and successful face, Bonang has a great sense of humour too!

1. When Pinky thought she could take Bonang’s new clothes

Bonang loves Pinky, but she also loves shoes, bags and clothes and she ain’t sharing with nobody!

2. When Bonang and Lorna sang for Pinky

If Bonang tells you she is taking you on a holiday, make sure you get your VISA on time!

3. When she told us why she stays winning!

Bonang has that “Tsa tsa ah” thing!

4. When she gave the solution to avoiding those marriage and children questions:

Bonang is tired of family and friends asking her when she is tying the knot and having children. So what is she going to do about the constant inquisition? She plans to get herself a French Bulldog and let that be the conversation started and ender.

5. When Pinky suggested her and Bonang go jogging

If there is one thing we now know about Bonang, she does not want to jog! She may be keen for a light stroll in designer jean though.

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