FIVE reasons to watch your fav 8PMs on Showmax

25 March 2021
The season finales are near and you may start missing your favourite 8PM shows. Binge them all on Showmax.

Can you believe the end is near? There is only one more episode left in this season of your favourite Mzansi Magic 8PM shows. However, if you start to miss them, don’t worry: You can binge them all on Showmax.

1. eHostela season 1 and 2

If there is one thing you can be sure of about eHostela, it is that you will be given nail-biting action. If you think you will miss the rollercoaster ride of cliffhangers and gunshots, just binge eHostela season one and two on Showmax.

2. Mzali Wam is on Showmax

Whether you loved to watch it live on Showmax livestream or you were waiting for the entire season so you can binge, catch up on Mzali Wam on Showmax. It is all there from episode one!

3. Save the Abandoned tears for private moments

We all know that Tuesday 8PM pulls at our heartstrings. If you’d like to watch without the whole family seeing you crying, catch all the journeys of the Abandoned on Showmax from episode one.

4. Relive the Mnakwethu Happily Ever After? Drama

We know you would never miss the #MnakwethuHEA drama on Wednesdays at 20:00. Sometimes, it is so nice you’ve got to see it twice. Watch all that happened in this season from episode one on Showmax.

5. Family meeting with The Ranakas

There is nothing quite like those family meetings we had with The Ranakas at 20:00 on Thursdays. But you don’t have to miss your favourite family members until the next season, relive all the moments on Showmax.

You will never have to miss your favourite shows with Showmax around!