FIVE reasons to watch Grootboom and Sons

26 October 2021
There are just so many but we’ll start with these five reasons.
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1. The all-star cast

One thing about #GrootboomAndSons, it has a stellar cast chile. From the likes of seasoned actresses Sibulele Gcilitshana, Luzuko Nkqeto and Zandile Msutwana to some fresh faces that have become familiar for their talent, Bongile Mantsai.

2. The drama is only just beginning

So much has already happened in just four episodes including a long-lost relative appearing out of nowhere, a fire and the death of Vuyo. However, if you’re thinking the show has reached it’s pick, you should be glad to be mistaken. There is still so much drama to come.

3. We still don’t know who Funeka is running from

Have you forgotten that Funeka was packing her backs and making a bolt for the foor in episode one? Shortly after, a strange man came looking for her and reported to another mysterious man over the phone that he had not found her?

Who is Funeka really and who is she running from? Stay tuned to find out.

4 – Imani may be pregnant

Vuyo may have felt she had the world on her shoulder but she at least died knowing she had become a grandother: She suspected Imani is both a gold-digger and pregnant  with her grandchild; and mothers are seldom wrong about these things.

5 – There’s no better way to spend your Monday night’s than with some Mzansi Magic drama.

Now that you’re convinced, tune into #GrootboomAndSons every Monday at 20:00.