Fake it until you make it – Sibongile & The Dlaminis

01 May 2024
Nomalanga fakes more pregnancy symptoms.
Sibongile & The Dlaminis Sunshine fakes a pregnancy

Episode 120

Bab Ntombela reveals to Vuma that he saw Sibongile with Kwenzo. Njengaye’s plan badly backfires. 


Episode 121

Deliwe gets more money from Kwenzo, while Nomalanga fakes more pregnancy symptoms. Khuzwayo has a new business venture, and he gets Velephi in on it.


Episode 122

Vuma formally informs the ancestors about the cattle in the kraal and has an announcement for Sibongile. Velephi is ready to advertise their new business and Khuzwayo makes it clear they cannot let Vuma and Deliwe know about this. 


Episode 123

Sibongile learns some disturbing news. Khuzwayo gets his first customers to gamble, and he and Velephi are thrilled. 


Episode 124

Vuma blames himself for failing to protect Sibongile from Deliwe’s.  Kwenzo is shocked when Sokhabase tells him a different story from the one he told his parents. 


Episode 125

Khuzwayo spills the tea about a loved one. Phetheni catches Nomalanga doing the unthinkable. 


 Episode 126

Deliwe finds herself in a limbo. Phetheni is oblivious of the tension between Nomfundo and Njengaye. Velephe and Khuzwayo start to overspend their winnings.


Episode 127

Deliwe barges in on her family as she makes a resolute declaration. Nomalanga finds herself in a perplexing situation as she grapples with Nomfundo's sudden and unwavering commitment to her. 


Episode 128

In a poignant surrender to fate, Deliwe faces the agonizing truth.  Wenzeni's sees the results of her culinary debut. 


Episode 129

Nomalanga weaves a deceptive tale, masking the solitude of her visit to the doctor with a lie that carries more weight than she anticipates. Khuzwayo’s chickens come home to roost, as the crowd cries for his blood. 


Episode 130

Things in iXopo escalate from bad to worse and the only person Sibongile can open up to is, Kwenzo. Nomalanga doesn't enjoy the lengths she has to go to for her fake pregnancy. 


Episode 131

Kwenzo and Nomalamga go public about the pregnancy, however Vusi begins to feel the heat of playing second fiddle. Dekiwe takes strain from the events of the last few days. 


Episode 132

Deliwe sells the drawings to Vusi. Kwenzo offers a pact to Nomalanga, a compromise drenched in sacrifice. Wenzeni concedes to her culinary results, yet with a twist of resolve.



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