Exclusive: Bongi & Collin – VIP Invite

22 March 2022
The celebrity Gospel singer duo, Bongi and Collin, explains why they can look forward to the future despite going through setbacks.
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Bongi and Collin has a word for you today: know that whatever you are going through, it is just temporary.

The Gospel singer duo, who is also known as the Romeo & Juliet of the Gospel industry, recently performed on the VIP Invite Season 2.

In an exclusive interview with Mzansi Magic, they said they recover from past disappointments knowing that they have a greater future. “We always try to have hope, we always try to look at the future,” Collin said. “We always try to think the best of the future.”

Bongi added to this, saying: “I understand that God has a plan for our lives – I know He has a better future for us. So, sometimes a closed door, and a “no” doesn’t mean this is the end of it.

“I encourage myself to I press on, and I look forward to what God has in store for me.”

During their guest appearance on VIP Invite Season 2, Bongi and Collin graced viewers with praise and worship songs like Ngohlala Ngimkhonza and Tsohle.

Watch: Bongi & Collin perform Ngohlala Ngimkhonza


Collin said that enduring challenges made them realise that they are stronger in the things they went through. “We didn’t go through them for nothing, we went through them so that we can encourage other people, and still get the strength to go on.”

Bongi agreed and said that she uses the wisdom she gained, and also draws strength from the Lord. “I learned to rely more on God.”

Her message to someone who is waiting on the Lord for restoration is: “Our God is faithful – The Word of the Lord says He is not a man that He should lie…

“Trust Him; it might not look like it now, it might not feel like it now, believe me our God is able.”

Watch: Bongi and Collin share wisdom and also about what their go-to songs are for this season:

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