Everything Bonang Loves! – Being Bonang

13 February 2019
A list of your fav’s favs!
what bonang loves

If you know Bonang, you know she loves the finer things in life. Whether it’s clothes, perfume, bags or people – mo’ghel is about choosing the best! Can you guess what some of her favourite things are? We gave a cheat sheet!


Bonang’g favourite colour is pink, and she’d love to have everything in it! From her epic birthday parties to the gorgeous jumpsuit she wore as one of the hosts of the Global Citizen Festival – mo’ghel serves and lives in pink.

Designer bags

Nothing makes Bonang happy quite like a gorgeous designer bag, whether it’s a petite sling bag or a large travel bag, your girl travels in beautiful designer!

Perfume and lotion

Nothing like a woman's signature scent! Bonang loves to make sure she leaves a mark wherever she goes and not just with her confidence, clothes and voice – but a beautiful scent too! 


Bonang never misses a chance to throw a beautiful party in her honour darling. And, she is really good at it! She doesn’t do small, however. It has to be “big, beyond, lavish, unnecessary” and dare we say more – you’ve seen them for yourself!

Awesome friends!

You’re judged by the company you keep, and Bonang knows this well. Her circle is tight and genuine and fun.


What is Bonang’s absolute favourite? Her family! From her parents to her siblings to her cousins, mo’ghel is grounded in that love and she is just as crazy about them!

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