EP 5 Preview: Five films every entrepreneur should watch

21 October 2014
Movies to be inspired by.
EP 5 Preview: Five films every entrepreneur should watch Image : 100

Well, you want fire? We have fire. Episode 5 of Dragons Den SA sees Dragons getting heated. Why? Because if you don’t have a passion for what you’re pitching, you’re not likely to succeed. Fact: it’s passion that helps you persevere, it’s a driver in the good times and it’s what keeps you going when times are bleak. If you’ve lost your ‘oomph’, and looking for inspiration, we’ve listed five films that every entrepreneur should see!

1. The Social Network: When The Social Network hit our screens in 2010 it took no time to become a global blockbuster. The story of a Harvard student who revolutionised the way we engage socially online. So why watch it? The film gives viewers a great insight into Mark’s dogged determination to make Facebook work, it showcased his flexibility and how to successfully deal with adversity.

2. Citizen Kane: This Orson Welles’ 1941 masterpiece features Charles Foster Kane, a newspaper tycoon loosely based on William Randolph Hearst and his pursuit of power and fortune. Why watch it? Although success is the ultimate entrepreneurial prize, there are other aspects of life that contribute to our success above and beyond the mechanics of business.

3. Wall Street: Oliver Stone’s seminal 1987 movie, Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) immortalised the saying “greed is good”. Gekko played by his own rules, most of which were illegal and unethical; he was the ultimate corporate raider. Why watch it? Don’t sell yourself out just for the sake of money. Remember, being an entrepreneur isn’t just about becoming rich and famous.

4. The Godfather:
Francis Ford Coppola’s classic trilogy interrogates the life of a mafia family. Although the entrepreneurial thread may not at first be obvious, this film typifies success; the families live and breathe their business, this is valuable insight into what it takes to become one of the most powerful family businesses in the country. Why watch it? It portrays how far loyalty and dedication can take you.

5. The Game: Again Michael Douglas plays the focal character in this film. Douglas’ character Nicholas Van Orton has everything, a wealthy banker who lives and breathes his business and lives by the rhetoric “there are no rules in the game”. What do you get the guy who has everything? Nicholas Van Orton (played by Michael Douglas) is a wealthy San Francisco banker whose life is wrapped up in his business, he was the ultimate loner. His brother Conrad gives him the gift of a lifetime, which left him questioning his values; were success and money the alpha and omega of life? Why watch it? This film assists you in establishing your set of values and your drivers of happiness.

There are many more inspiring films that you should watch as an entrepreneur; these are the tip of the iceberg. For more entrepreneurial centric ideas, don’t forget to watch episode five of Dragons’ Den tonight at 19:00 only on Mzansi Magic.

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