Doubt: Vows to my husband

12 April 2016
Doubt: Vows to my husband Image : 934
On the eve of her wedding, when all that was left was to iron out her veil and lay out her wedding gown, everything fell into place for Lindiwe. Her future was only moments away where at the end of the isle she would commit to the first day of the rest of her life with Sanele. She was ready.

Sanele must have also been delighted, there was no doubt in his mind that Lindiwe was the girl of his dreams. On the same eve however, he was going to have at his last day as a single man. What he didn’t know was that this might also be his very last day as a free man.

Recipe for Distaster

Take a wild night at the bar with the boys, booze flowing with abandon. A dollop of mischief here and a sumptuous serving of lap-dancing action over there should have been harmless. A sizzling stripper for heat and you’ve got yourself wicked cocktail and hearty way to bid his days of bachelorhood a suitable adieu.

It’s only on the next day, the big day, that a mean hangover kicked in. And for kicking in this hangover really shoved and bulldozed its way in, bringing his very wedding day crumbling to it’s knees. Sanele was served an arrest warrant for the murder of last night’s stripper, in the place of the wedding kiss from his Lindiwe.

The worst thing was happening. A stripper? How could he? Did he? Surely not. Something about Sanele’s cries for help, frightened of being left alone in jail, swearing he didn’t do it, the shame and panic that rendered his voice shakey. This was not the face of killer. The way she saw it he wasn’t lying. She believed him.

He didn’t do it

But with all odds against him how was Lindiwe going to prove that her husband was being framed for this murder? Could he have done it?

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