Doubt: Seeking answers, seeking refuge

05 May 2016
Doubt: Seeking answers, seeking refuge Image : 954
Ever since her wedding day Lindiwe has been a mess. Instead of a blushing bride she was a betrayed one, when, at the alter, her groom was whisked off to a prison cell nearby after being arrested and charged with the murder of a stripper.

Sanele swore from behind bars that he didn’t do it and Lindiwe took the same oath on his behalf, but with the police report telling a different story, was the stripper, who went by the name of Anzani, truly an uninvited guest.

The police found damning evidence that linked Sanele to the murder. Evidence that may have given him enough motive to kill. Evidence too, that he had been cheating on his fiancé on the eve of their wedding with a stripper, whom it came out, the whole family knew as a fling from the past, that just refused to let up.

Why would they all lie to her? More dreadfully though, how could Sanele lie to her after she vouched for his innocence?

There are now too many questions around Sanele’s case. He had told the cops that he had never met Anzani, a lie. He also lied about having never been with her on the night. While these are huge flags and show Sanele up as guilty, do they prove once and for all, that he murdered Anzani?

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