Doubt: Highly suspect

19 April 2016
Doubt: Highly suspect Image : 943
Losing her husband to a jail cell on their wedding was simply too much for Lindiwe to take. It’s too much for anyone to take. Of all the things she knew or didn’t know about Sanele, he wasn’t a cold blooded stripper murderer.

Of this, she was sure, without a doubt. Lindiwe chose to believe in her husband and with the help of her investigative-journo friend, Lerato she was going to go digging around for the truth. Who was the liar? Why were they framing Sanele for a murder he did not commit?

Her nose has led her to her uncle Lungile. Not only was he the first one to run to the cops with evidence but his past was riddled with grime and crime. It had often been a struggle for Lindiwe to trust him.

When she learned that her mom had lied about her whereabouts the night before Lindiwe couldn’t shake the feeling that she knew who was involved and hiding something from her. It was clear that both her mom and uncle were in cahoots. Or else why would she lie?

What was even more unsettling was Mlungisi. After eves dropping on her confrontation with her uncle, he took it upon himself to tell her that her uncle was lying. But when she went to the stripper’s funeral guess who was she ran into? How did Mlungisi know Anzansi? Was he planting the seed of doubt away from himself when he told her that uncle Lungile was lying?

But there was a suspect set of circumstances that Lindiwe had no idea of. If Mlungisi didn’t have a part in it why was he warning the judge about Lindiwe snooping around for answers? Their relationship seemed deeper. It was not, however, for any type of fatherly bond but more of a pact of secret and perhaps even lies.

Could Sanele have been framed by his own family?

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