Doubt: Friends and other fools

11 May 2016
Doubt: Friends and other fools Image : 960
The jury is still out on whether Sanele took the stripper’s life in a drunken daze after his bachelor party on the night before his wedding day. Although, based on evidence, the verdict is fast swinging for the worst case scenario.

The guy needs as many friends as he can get, but while the evidence doesn’t quite prove that he’s a murderer, it certainly proves that he has motive and above all, is a cheater. But with the couple’s luck spiraling down the drain, so it appeared, were their friends and family.

Buddies Vuyo, Mlungisi and Tshepo were showing themselves up to be more backstabbers than best men. While low-key coercing Lindiwe to end her marriage Vuyo was making subtle advances at his best friend’s wife. There was also no love lost for Tshepo and Sanele’s step brother, Mlungisi who were ready to chuck him out of his own business.

But what was the thing that made Lerato throw her loyalty to Lindiwe out of the window? Reporting on Sanele in the media for the public to shame him? Or as an investigative journalist, was she just obliged to put the truth out there?

Either way , a two-timer and a convict was a lot for Lindiwe to deal with in a new husband. Now she had to go suffer the glaring eyes of a judging public.

Irked and confused, the newly wed reckoned she would annul the marriage; sweep the whole affair away as though it didn’t happen. She learned, however, that the only way she could leave her cheating liar of a husband, was a divorce. Another thing she just couldn’t face.

Divorce was heavy. Divorce was beyond the pale. It was disgraceful and would leave a nasty stain. Was she ready to throw the towel in on her marriage?

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