The Queen: Defective lovers and other stories

05 July 2017
Harriet is left broken hearted and so is Jerry.

Love seems to be taking a troubled turn lately and The Queen is having it the hardest, and it’s all thanks to a certain lady whose name could or could not be Goodness. 

The family’s bid to expose Goodness backfired after Shaka and Brutus learned that this was in fact not her real name. The mistake was made when they confronted Kagiso with the news and handing all the power to Goodness, who used the hold she has over his heart, to lure him in. 

Without enough evidence, Kagiso fell hook line and sinker for Goodness’ sob story. So convinced he was that this was just another one of his mother’s ploys at controlling him, he may as well have disowned her. He denounced her and broke the last flimsy straw that held their relationship together. 


Has Kagiso freed himself from a toxic family situation by walking into an even more poisonous situation? 

Meanwhile, an uptight Jerry was rendered vulnerable when Joy informed him that she was leaving the country for good. After playing hard to get with the bubbly belle, the reality check with which he was served gave him a heartache. Literally. 

Does he have himself to blame? Perhaps it’s time he gave Vuyiswa a chance and let Joy go?

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