Day 57: It's High Stakes for the Wager Task — BBMzansi

21 March 2022
The Housemates have split into teams to tackle this week's Wager Task, in which they must debate a number of hot topics. Here's everything you need to know.
BBMzansi Wager Task

Game time is crunch time. The Housemates know it, so they wasted no time in laying down the foundations for this week's Wager Task. And having won a series of Wager Tasks in the last few weeks, they are bursting with confidence that they will be securing another win - which is probably why they opted to wager on 100%! The fighting spirit continues for the Housemates, some of who faced off for no less than 12 hours in the Ultimate Veto Power Play showdown. After fighting all night into the morning, Sis Tamara, Thato and Themba joined the House to listen to Terry reading out the details for this week's Task. 

As it so happens, the theme for this week is 'High Stakes'. With just 8 Housemates remaining in the House, all eyes are on that much-coveted Top 5. Despite this pressure, Biggie needs the  Housemates on their toes. "You never know which way the cookie will crumble", it says here. For this reason, the Housemates quickly divided themselves into two teams, each debating on either side on a number of topics. Each team is to assign two people who will be debating, and another two who will be debating against the topics. 

The topics that will be debated are as follows: a) Are Aliens Real? B) Is Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) bad for you? C) Should School Uniforms be Banned? D) Should Bottled Water be Banned? and E) Judgement will be based on the performance as a house. Here's where it gets rather serious; regardless of whatever team the Housemates are part of, Biggie will be judging them based on their performance as a House. Not only that, the Housemates were instructed to prepare for any and all eventualities. In other words, anything can happen! 

Based on their recent performances, however, it would seem the Housemates take the Wager Tasks quite seriously. 

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