Day 54: Judged for being inked — BBMzansi

18 March 2022
Tattoos are no longer exclusively adorned by “bad boys” who wear biker jackets. They are worn by the young and old. Chances are, you may even find a pastor sporting one last sign of their younger years.
Terry ink

Getting inked is a common way for people to express their individuality. Even though tattoos have drastically increased in popularity, those who are inked still feel judged by the ones who are not inked. This seems to be the case with Big Brother Mzansi’s Housemates.

As you may have noticed, this season most of our Housemates are inked. Don’t be mistaken, they have experienced their fair share of judgement either from their own families or society. During this week, while in each other’s company, the Housemates openly discussed their tattoos and what people have had to say about them.

Themba, a tattoo enthusiast and owner of a tattoo studio, shared that his ink attracts a lot of attention, from the young and old. Themba’s body is an art gallery in its own right. It is covered in multiple inks which extends to his face. With that much ink, he is bound to turn heads, some in admiration and some in judgement.

Themba told his Housemates that at times, people stare and want to undress him so they can get a full view. 

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Mphowabadimo had something to add to the topic. As a traditional healer she finds herself often being judged for the choices she makes, one of them being her tattoos.

Unlike Themba, the only ink she has is on her body is on her leg. She has a fascinating tattoo of a snake. You’ve probably heard the misconception about snakes being evil, and for this reason, she has experienced judgement from family and society.

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Terry too hasn’t been safe from judgement. In addition to being judged for having an OnlyFans account, she has received criticisms about her tattoos.  

Amongst the many tattoos that she has, Terry has the word treasure tattooed across her chest. Even with all the negativity around her, she continues to live life on her own terms.

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What are your views on tattoos? Do you have tattoos of your own? Is there a story behind them? We would like to hear from you.

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