Day 18: Friendzone blues strike Biggie's House — BBMzansi

10 February 2022
Tales of unrequited love have seen potential ships sail, alliances crumble and new feuds pick up steam on BBMzansi S3!
Acacia, B.U. and Venus BBMzansi

The heart wants what it wants. 💘 Unfortunately, that doesn't mean the heart will get the subject of its desire. On Big Brother Mzansi S3, a few Housemates have been dealt the crushing blows of affections that go one way. These are some of the the biggest friendzone situations in the House so far:

Acacia and B.U 

By now, it's well known that Acacia doesn't beat about the bush. Whether it's confronting a Head of House over the injustice of pizza being secretly stashed, or letting B.U know she has the hots for him, you can always count on her to be straight forward. As Themba mentioned during today's men's conference, "Acacia is intentional". She waited for no grass before coming after B.U, who has been turning her down gently since then. Interestingly, Tulz has listed her as #2 on his list of potential love interests on the show. Unfortunately, her heart is occupied by someone doesn't feel the same. 

Tulz and Nale 

From the start, Tulz and Nale shared an interesting vibe worthy of an early ship. The chemistry has been undeniable. After sussing out the situation and getting to know each other for a while, the point came when the two would actually mushroom into something more. But while Tulz finally came clean about how he feels, his feelings were not reciprocated with the same interest. Nale has remained coy. Tulz feels that she's merely playing the game, stringing him along until she gets as far as she can on the show. 

Libo and Mphowabadimo

Libo's feelings for Mphowabadimo have been publicised. Although they get along rather well, these two didn't instantly hit it off. Good things take time, right? Wrong, Libo fears. In an honest chat with Terry today afternoon, Libo 'fessed up to the fact that he's really into Mphowabadimo. He revealed that it frustates him how the spark between them seems to be fizzling by the day. She's been giving him mixed signals, and he now fears they might never take off. 

Themba and Dinkybliss 

She has now been Evicted, but during her stay in Biggie's House, Dinkybliss made sure to make a mark. And if she'd had it her way, she would have also secured a kiss with Themba. She confessed her feelings for him early on, but Themba made it clear that he sees him as a sister. In a recent chat with Thato, Themba revealed how there were times where he played along, but thought everyone aware that he would have never gone for her. 

Gash1 and Thato

Their relationship never reached the upper levels of crushing, but Gash1 certainly shot his shot with Thato. She didn't warm up the idea right away, but didn't instantly turn him down. Not one to hang around in uncertain situations, Gash1 finally made the decision to move on. It won't be to the next target, however, as he told Sis Tamara today that he's not into any of the girls in the House. 

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