Day 14: The sixth time Biggie flipped the script! — BBMzansi

06 February 2022
Beke le Bele, Big Brother has kept us on our toes with back to back plot twists. On Sunday night, the Housemates had the shock of their lives when they realised the latest shocker is no drill!

Leading up to Sunday night's blockbuster BBMzansi Live Show, we'd already clocked how Biggie had made sure the Housemates never get too comfortable with any set of consistent conditions.

Right out of the gate, the Housemates soon learned that they would be moving around the House anonymously. It wouldn't be until much later, when not knowing each other's name had already established an interesting dynamic, that the big reveals would come.

Five major plot twists later, Biggie delivered one for the books. Leading up to Sunday, the Nominated Housemates were on edge. On Sunday morning, they knew that one of them would be living through their last hours in the House. Who was it going to be? In the Diary Room, some of the Housemates revealed that they felt Mvelo could just live another day to fight. Mvelo echoed these sentiments, telling Biggie that Dinkybliss's constant bickering with the Housemates made her a bigger target. He felt that he a survival chance of 7.5 as he is not public enemy #1. He also counted on his high number of followers outside the House to save him. 

Dinkybliss also had her hopes quite high. Although she'd recently had little fires with a few Housemates, she'd apologised earlier this week. The House is full of naughty people, she said, and Mvelo just didn't blend as well with the wild tribe. 

What no one could have known is that Biggie had a different plan. A cash prize of R2 million is at stake. The Housemates were told during the Wager Task verdict that they were needing to pull up their socks and bring their A-game. So by the time the big shocker of a Double-Eviction struck both Dinkybliss and Mvelo, Mzansi knew Biggie means business! 

The big plot twists follows a series of others, which have had the Housemates switching sides and polishing their game from the minute they entered the House. The introduction of two new Housemates a week into the show, allowing only the HoH and DHoH to make the Nominations for this Eviction and the Fake Nomination are just a few switches we've seen dribble the faves so far!

The question is; what's next? 

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