Date My Family: The ‘boo’ and his crew!

22 April 2015
Date My Family: The ‘boo’ and his crew! Image : 415
So what happens when your partner’s family is a little ‘cray-cray’? Each family has that one uncle that has no filter after one or two (or three) drinks. It can get a little awkward when you’re the new ‘boo’ that’s being introduced and you’re being asked if you’re fertile! If you’re going to bag the ‘boo’, you need to know who could possibly be in his crew.

The meddling potential mother-in-law

She's still obsessed with the 10-year old styled bedroom that she keeps neatly done ALL the time. Shes obsessed with your potential partner’s ex and mentions each run-in and exclaims their charm or good looks. She never addresses you directly but asks your ‘boo’ questions about you in your presence.

The potentially suspicious father-in-law

The one that hugs you and his hand travels from your back to the small of your back and just as it’s about to make a trip down south, you manage to get away! The one who’s always juxtaposing his achievements to yours and making you feel insignificant. And then he comes dangerously close to you and mouths under his breath, “Do you like Old Spice”, and reeks of the stuff!

The brat of a sister

The one that is always out to spoil your nights out with the ‘bae’ with some made-up story of a nightmare or other crisis!
She’s always, breathlessly and between contrived laughs, retelling stories of when her baby brother was caught in helpless situations and she came to his rescue; letting you know that she’s always been her 31 year old baby brother’s Superwoman and wouldn’t hesitate to rescue him from you.

The capitalist brother

When he heard you’re an accountant, he rushes after you on the drive-way and says, "You forgot my CV homie”, and with that, slaps you on your back!
The kind that does everything to have you link him up with Patrice Motsepe for that business idea he’s so keen to launch! So he heard that you’re going to a prestigious business dinner and begs to be your plus-one… He insists his big break will come through networking!

So what would you do if your ‘boo’s’ crew would be as colourful as this? Do you stay for love or not look left nor right, but run straight ahead for peace?

But don't be scared off, things could turn out for the best! Date My family is a brand new show on Mzansi Magic that helps singles find love by sending them on dates with their potential partner’s family.
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