Date My Family: Of wine and cheese

15 September 2015
Date My Family: Of wine and cheese Image : 620

Tebatso Seshibe, what a beauty. And what a patient, patient woman. She came onto Date My Family looking for a man whose charm would be reminiscent of the Paris, the city of love in which she spent a year. Praised for her heart-stopping beauty, it seemed impossible that the lass wouldn't get her Prince Charming.

And to that end, with the grace of Jackie O and the patience of an expectant mother, she smiled her way through awkward date after awkward date. She was hit on by a hopeful's best friend, asked if she was drunk by the same man, lied to about dessert, lied to about a hopeful's age, and lied to about another hopeful's smoking habits.

We all have that one friend who, without fail, will put their foot in their mouth in a crucial situation. For Mbongeni, that friend was Nduduzo, who hit on Tebatso, implied she needed to lose a few pounds, and asked if she was drunk, all during one meal.

She handled it like a lady, tried to divert his attentions, and swore to her sobriety. What a woman!

Then there was Thabiso's family. His mom was so taken by Tebatso, she realised a possible obstacle to their riding off into the sunset was Thabiso's age. So she just added one tiny year to her son's age. Just one. A little white lie.

His friends took a different route. They sold their friend as a romantic. How is he romantic? Well, he wears gold chains and rings, so he must be Don Juan reincarnated.

Then there was Shaine's friends, whose glaring age difference led Tebatso to wonder just how old Shaine could possibly be.

In the end, the beautiful belle chose Thabiso, who she was very impressed with, even calling him "yummy". It was all going swimmingly; she wore a body-hugging white peplum number with a plunging neckline that gave the lucky Thabiso a peep into the Eiffel Tower that was tattooed between her bosom. Until Thabiso revealed his age and asked Tebatso to be his girlfriend on the first date. The first date.

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