Date My Family: Horror M-I-L stories

15 July 2015
Date My Family: Horror M-I-L stories Image : 532
On Date My Family this past Sunday, single mother Asanda came across one frightening hurdle when she dined with Thabang's family: Thabang's mother! When she first met Asanda, she gushed over the pretty lass, declaring how she was meant for her son. She quickly changed her tune when she found out Asanda had a child, and the love dissipated. She made no ifs and buts about letting Asanda know, over a lovely buffet dinner that probably went dry in everybody's throats, that she did not want a daughter-in-law who already had a child. She also went on to say her son, all 21 years of him, follows her rules, and if she didn't want him to leave his room, he wouldn't. How Asanda managed to keep a straight face is a wonder.

Shocking M-I-L (mother-in-law) stories abound, and many women have been on the receiving end of some crazy behaviour from their boyfriends' mothers or mothers-in-law. Read on for some truly wild ones.

1. "My first husband (back when he was my boyfriend) and I were given contracts by his mother spelling out the financial benefits of us breaking up. If we would agree to break up and sign the contracts, he would get his college paid for and a new car and I would get $10,000. Even after we both refused, after that, she actually came to the house we were sharing and explained that I was an unacceptable girlfriend for her son and offered me additional money and a new contract for $20,000. Yeah. She was my mother-in-law for 9 years after that." - NeverTruly

2. "My ex's mother would wait for him to leave the room, listen for him to be out of earshot and then call me all sorts of names and tell me how she'd make him drop me as soon as she found someone else for him.
Eventually I begged him - after so many times where he couldn't believe it was true - to make normal noise leaving the room and come back quietly and listen. He heard her call me a very rude name and told her to stop, but it never did and we broke up."- PlasticCastle

3. "She posted a work out video on Facebook, tagged me and her daughter in it, and wrote 'now you have no excuse' under it." - Melissa

4. "My MIL told me, 'I know you are waiting for children, but you're getting so old.' I'm not even 35." - Claire

5. "My ex mother-in-law called me by her other sons' ex-wife's name for the first three years I was married to her younger son." - Jennifer

6. "When my fiancé let his parents know that he was planning on marrying me, the conversation went like this:

Fiance: Mom. Dad. I want to let you know that I really love her. More than anyone I've been with in my life. And that I really think I want to marry her.
Fiance's mom: Really? You love her more than you loved Amy?
Fiance: Wait... what? Seriously? Did you seriously just say that?
Fiance's mom (getting weepy): I really loved Amy. I miss Amy...

Amy is the girlfriend my fiance dumped six years ago. SIX YEARS AGO."

Asanda, it could have been worse. Looks like you dodged a bullet!

- Stories sourced from reddit and Huffington Post

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