Date My Family: All's fair in love and Tupperware

23 June 2015
Date My Family: All's fair in love and Tupperware Image : 501
Date My Family caused quite a stir on Sunday. It could be a combination of many things. Perhaps the chilli-laden salad that Asanda was offered by one family, or the deja vu moment she experienced as she coughed and teared up over the cayenne pepper that was, well... peppered over a salad an dinner with another family. Who can forget one of the suitors' baby sister who protested when asked to dish up for Asanda, because she was, as she puts it, "way to young".

So many trend-worthy moments in one episode, but the show-stopper has to have been in the last ten minutes of the show. Asanda had turned down Thabo, whose brother and friend had served her chilli in salad and then a strange looking dessert that consisted of purple coloured ice cream with purple coloured yogurt poured over it, and a purple soft drink mixed in there somewhere. She had also rejected Nkululeko, whose mom was just a little too enthusiastic at the the idea of her possibly becoming her daughter-in-law, and the high school scholar baby sister who dug her heels in and had to be strong-armed into dishing up some dessert for Asanda, depsite her being "too young" to do it.

In the end, Bongani's family cooked and charmed their way into Asanda's heart, and she chose to go on a date with him. She even wore the makeup they gave her as a parting gift after lunch. How thoughtful. The date didn't go as well as was anticipated, and Asanda felt they were incompatible. And Bongani, well, all Bongani wanted was his prized Tupperware container that his family had given Asanda leftovers in. Apparently it has sentimental value to him, and he wanted it back! Asanda declared that only on the grounds of returning his container to him would she agree to see him again. Judging by the cosy picture she took of the two of them and posted on her Instagram account, it's safe to say the prized Tupperware has made it back into the right hands.

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