Date my family: A sea of regret

28 May 2015
Date my family: A sea of regret Image : 473
Date My Family premiered on Sunday, and we met reserved bachelorette Aggracious Mahlangu, a 21-year-old psychology student who had been out of the dating game for three years to focus on her studies. Deciding it was time to find her perfect match, she went on three dates with three families, with the aim to decide which of the bachelors she would most like to go on date with, solely based on the impressions of their families.

First up was the Phiri family, a small, close-knit family with a bubbly matriarch. Aggracious was rather late for her date with them because of traffic, but when she arrived, she found a spread of lamb stew and dumpling, with all the trimmings, including a potato salad made by the bachelor, Ntokozo Phiri. Aggracious was not at all impressed to hear that Ntokozo had only just completed matric, despite being the same age as her, and when the Date My Family driver opened the door, he was met by a bottle of wine and not Aggracious.


Next to dine with Aggrcious was the family of 20-year-old rapper Romeo Williams, whose two younger brothers quickly won Aggracious over with their enthusiasm for Hip-hop. She called them "too cool for your ages", and they giggled as she dined on basted ribs made by Romeo himself. At the end of the night, she was presented with a single red rose and some chocolates. It wasn't enough to win Aggracious over, though, and Romeo was left staring at the Date My Family car as it drove away, with a bottle of wine in his hand.


Last to try to win Aggracious over for their single was the family of Austin Sithole. A big, vibrant family with lots of women, which initially intimidated Aggracious. An offer of a glass of wine put her at ease, and soon, she was laughing along with the family, over Portuguese chicken. They sold Austin to her brilliantly, and had her convinced that was the male version of herself that she'd been looking for. Her only concern was that the family made Austin out to seem shorter than her. It was not enough to be a deal-breaker, though, as she chose to go on a date with Austin, based on the impression given by his family.

When it came time to go on the one-on-one date, Aggracious bubble of excitement was burst by disappointment. Austin did not look how she thought he'd look, she found herself not attracted to him, and she even compared him to a piece of steak that should be succulent, but turns out to be bland. She pined for the attractive Romeo she rejected the entire date, while an oblivious Austin tried his best to get to know her. Her facial expressions were very telling, and she was unable to hide her disappointment. The date left her thinking, "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?" Hard luck, Aggracious!