Dangerous diets before your wedding

23 April 2015
Dangerous diets before your wedding Image : 418
Every bride wants to look slim and svelte on her wedding day. Nothing gives more motivation to lose that 7kg you’ve been threatening to lose for seven years than the idea of looking like a stuffed sausage in a fitted mermaid gown, or like you’re hiding a few sheep under your ball skirt, Little Bo Peep style.

That kind of motivation might turn to desperation for quick results, prompting brides-to-be to turn to crash diets, that purport to be safe and will have you “bursting with energy and free from toxins ’. Most of these diets were developed by fictional doctors in fictional hospitals for fictional gastric bypass patients, and you’d be better off giving them a miss.

Here are two of the most popular but dangerous diets every bride-to-be (and every woman) should steer clear of .

Cabbage Soup Diet
The premise of this diet is this; for a week, you can have unlimited amounts of a low calorie cabbage soup, the recipe of which can easily be found online. The word ‘unlimited’ can be tempting to many desperate dieters, and people have reported losing up to 5kg in a week on this diet.

However, because it’s so calorie restricted, not only does your metabolism drastically slow down, but any weight you lose will be water and muscle and not fat. That means you very possibly will be a Halle Berry for a wedding, but you run the risk of turning into a Norbit on your honeymoon. Plus, other side effects can be dizziness, bad breathe and fainting! Just don’t do it.

Master Cleanse Lemon Diet
Beyonce made it popular in the run-up to shooting Dreamgirls, where she famously went from bootylicious to runway slender. She reportedly lost 9kg in just ten days! That kind of quick result can be tempting, but not without dangerous consequences.

This a fasting diet, where you only drink a liquid mixture of water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. This deprives your body off the nutrients that comes from solid food, and if you can even manage the kind of will power to not put any morsel of food in your mouth, you can be sure you’ll gain all the weight back on, and then some. Beyonce herself admits that not only did she gain the weight right back after shooting, but some extra weight too. She was also very cranky during the diet.

Crash diets undoubtedly produce results, but just like a boomerang goes out and comes back, depriving yourself of necessary calories and nutrients will come back to you! The safest way to lose weight has always been slowly and gradually; through a healthy diet and exercise. So gather your bridesmaids a few times a week months before the wedding, turn on some Zumba and have fun losing that pre-wedding weight.