Cry me a river...

18 March 2015
Cry me a river... Image : 342

Episode eleven of Our Perfect Wedding saw two young people tie the knot and in as much as family members and friends thought that they were a little to young to enter into marriage, Mlondi (22) and Mbali (21) could not have felt any more ready. They made it clear that it should not be a question of age but of love and that they had a very strong bond.

The wedding was very emotional as both Mlondi and Mbali broke into uncontrollable tears; they wept silly and had audiences worried for a second as it seemed as though something tragic had happened. It turned out that the couple was simply overwhelmed by the love they have for each other and the step that they were taking in their lives.

Here’s what you had to say about the teary scene:

Our Perfect Wedding trended on Sunday and it is evident that you guys had a lot to say about this couple. What conclusions, if any, have you made about love? What lessons did you pick up from Mlondi and Mbali's wedding?

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