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07 February 2017
The month of love is upon us and Mzansi Magic is about to shower you with more passion, drama and action this week! 

Last week was a cliffhanger on many of your favourite shows, we left you on the edge of your seat and mouth open with murder confessions, surprise parties and family fights. This week is no different, Mzansi Magic only has more of the best in entertainment headed your way. 

The Queen (Mon - Thurs at 21:00)

Kgosi is deep in heartbreak and will stop at nothing to make sure Schumacer is all his. The Khozas are known for their ruthless and hard hand which raises the questions of how far a druglord like Kgosi would go for love? There is also the war that is slowly brewing between Harriet and Violet. Is the meak Violet any match for the ruthless Harriet? Stay tuned to #TheQueenMzansi to find out!

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Isibaya (Mon - Fri at 20:30)

Will Zama ever learn the truth about her father? Whatwill this mean for her relationship with Jabu. Things get heated as Judas gets a big head and Sbu shows his other side. 

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uTatakho (Tuesday 20:00)

The tables are turned as a father calls into the show to ascertain the true paternity of his son. Tune into #uTatakhoMzansi tonight!

Papa Penny Ahee! (Wednesday at 20:00)

This week, get to know Papa Penny’s hair care regimen, and he explains the inspiration behind his hair. Don't miss #PapaPennyAhee!

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The Ranakas (Thursday at 20:00)

Remember that big fight MaSiba and Ntate Ranaka got into because she went off to Durbs with her friends? He got so mad she smashed his phone. Dineo and her mom came up with a plan to frame the smashed phone and give it back to him on his birthday? Well, the ladies put their plan into action. How will he react? Find out on #TheRanakas!

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