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17 January 2017
Here is what you can look forward to on all your favourite shows this week.

We are only a few weeks into the new year and Mzansi Magic has taken viewers on a whirlwind of drama, action, intrigue and heart pulpatations in some cases. Your favourite shows have you sitting on the edge of your seat just waiting to see what is coming next, here is a look at what is still to come.Β 

Lockdown: Monday at 8pm


Life behind bars is not for the faint at heart. The peak into the lives on incarcerated women that #MzansiLockdown has taken us on has given us heart throbs and sleepless night. This week, MaZet faces the biggest challenge to her finally leaving prison, the Sharon and Sibongile duo. With her dream deferred and any hopes of ever being a free woman out the window, we will see exactly what kind of woman MaZet is. Is she willing to give into and cower to the jail cell forever? Also having a tough time is Nomonde with Tyson hot on her heels. Will Nomonde be able to fight off Tyson?

The Queen: Mon-Thursday at 9pm

Will Schumacer take things to the next level with Glory? Is this the end for Harriet? Will Jerry go too far to get his revenge? Stay tuned to #TheQueenMzansi to find out!


uTatakho: Tuesday at 8pm

Who is Thabile's father? Tune in as families try to find answers and reunite. Watch as #uTatakhoMzansi tries to find these answers.Β 


Papa Penny Ahee!: Wednesday at 8pm

Papa Penny is on a mission to reunite his entire family, especialy his children but it may not be as easy as he anticipates. However, nothing will stop him from doing things the culturally right way. Don't miss #PapaPennyAhee!

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The Ranakas: Thursday at 8pm

The African family we love! Is Ziggy really ready for marriage? Tensions rise when an unexpected guest is brought to a #TheRanakas family-only affair.Β 

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