Clash of the Choirs: Time travel

22 February 2016
Clash of the Choirs: Time travel Image : 840
Yesterday's episode of Clash of the Choirs had us stepping into a time capsule and being transported back to a time when the pants were baggy, the tops cropped, but the love was all consuming. RnB hits from the glorious nineties were the order of the day and the choirs were presented with the challenge of invoking nostalgia but also being present day cool.

Judge Dr Rebecca Malope was expecting to see how the choirs would pull off a genre that is not indigenous to South Africa. Zwai was looking forward to seeing the choirs show off their soul in singing the evergreen songs they chose, while Anele was just wanted to see how they would interpret songs as choirs, that were written and sung from one heart to another.

Musical Director Khaya Mthethwa's advice to the choirs was to not stray too much from what the nineties were about, but also get creative and invoke the emotion of the song.

Opening the show Team Sfiso was from Free State, and their challenge was to give their own flair to Blackstreet's Stay With Me. Clad in white, accented with bright yellow blazers, they took to the stage with the confidence that was lacking in their first ever performance. Choreography may have been an issue for them during rehearsals, but they had obviously put in work because not one of them missed a step.

Mam' Rebecca officially welcomed them into the competition, Zwai praised the soul they displayed, and Anele congratulated them on stepping their game up and cranking the life all the way up from episode 1.

Now that the stage had been all warmed up, it was Team Busiswa's Turn to keep the heat up. They had to interpret and perform their own way, SWV's hit Weak. Fresh off the bottom two from last week, their mission was to nail their performance vocally so they didn't find themselves in that precarious position again. Wearing baggy pants, reluctantly, they gave it their all. Anele praised their performance, remarking that she thoroughly enjoyed it, and that their performance had been spot on.

Team Bucie chose Color Me Badd's Sexual Capacity, a racy song that requires lots of confidence and sass to pull of. The lead singer Sinobomu, a born-free, confessed that the song and the era in which it was birthed in was lost on her as she grew up listening to the more modern Chris Brown and Lil Wayne. She felt the pressure to be perfect.

Their performance was met with mixed reaction from the judges and they were visibly disappointed that they had not met the judge's expectations and would possible be in the clash-off.

Team JR was next to perform, and the song they were given was the bona fide hit Crazy by K-Ci and Jojo. They seemed a bit lost during rehearsals as they didn't have their choirmaster around to give them direction. JR said that it had been his choir's most difficult week and morale had been down. But he had a little talk with them to bring their minds back into winning mode.

It worked, as their performance brought smiles to the judge's faces from the very start of their performance. Chants of "RJ! RJ!" could be heard at the end of their performance, spurred on by one Dr Rebecca Malope. Anele gave them the title of best sounding choir of the night.

Team Kelly took on TLC's Unpretty, the 90's anthem for a positive body image that had resonated with many women, and still does today. they went into it with a mind turned towards victory. "Victory is in our blood," said choirmaster Kelly Khumalo.

They mashed up Beyonce's Run the World with the song but Anele wasn't too pleased, struggling to find the connection. Zwai was thoroughly impressed with it, declaring that he had had his first chill of the night.

Last to perform was the Western Cape's Team iFani, and they gave Jodeci's Love You For Life their iFani magic. They rose to the challenge, despite losing one choir member, who faced a personal tragedy and had to leave.

Their performance brought both Anele and Rebecca to their feet, and Anele confidently called their performance the performance of the night.

As well as all the choirs did, as must be done in a competition, they all had to be scored and the choir with the least scores, sent home.The only choirmasters so confident in their performance that they didn't fear the big chop were iFani, JR and Sfiso Ncwane.

Landing in the bottom two were Team Bucie, and yet again, Team Busiswa. Their clash off song was The Fugees' Killing Me Softly, and both choirs gave it their all, fighting to stay in the competition.

Anele voted to save Team Bucie, Mam' Rebecca threw her weight behind Team Busiswa, and it came down to Zwai, who held the deciding vote. He decided to use his once-off power to save both choirs, and neither choir was eliminated. Mam' Rebecca charged both choirs to step it up the following week to make sure they didn't find themselves in the bottom two again.

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