Clash of the Choirs: Playing nice

04 February 2016
Clash of the Choirs: Playing nice Image : 812
When they're not fighting each other to the death in the country's biggest choral music showdown, the Clash of the Choirs choirmasters are good friends, it seems. On stage, they're bitter rivals, but when the cameras stop rolling and the choirs stop singing, they like to shoot the breeze together and play nice. The evidence? Their respective Instagram accounts detail relationships that are fun, playful, and full of love.

Like Father, Like Son. • Aye Papa Penny ??

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iFani showed Limpopo choirmaster Papa Penny some love on Instagram, putting it to bed once and for all the matter of who inspired his quirky, colourful look. The student and the teacher.

Beauty Of The Day: @bucienqwiliso ?? ○

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It's no secret that iFani has a weakness for a pretty face, and it seems his pretty fellow choirmaster Bucie's beauty inspired him to name her his beauty of the day.

Who knew Sfiso Ncwane could be so playful? He played up for Bucie's camera and made it onto her Instagram account by wondering where his soft white towels, lilies and imported water were. The two continued to exchange cute and playful banter in the comments section. Playing nice well!

Mpumalanga choirmaster JR tricked Bucie into thinking they were taking a selfie, when he actually had the phone on video mode.

#workThings #nguyelo?? #gatecrashingfestive #highlyfavored #highlyblessed @jrafrika what a warm colorful soul you are ?

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Kelly Khumalo gate-crashed the festive season with JR.

Bekushoda uFundi la ? cc @bucienqwiliso @jrafrika

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JR must fill like a king flanked by these two beauties. Wait, is he even awake?

I think I have a girl crush on @bucienqwiliso

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