Clash of the Choirs: Choose your team

20 January 2016
Clash of the Choirs: Choose your team Image : 784
Round two of Clash of the Choirs began in grand fashion when three of South Africa's music heavyweights geared up for battle, ten fast forward cards in hand. JR, steering Mpumalanga's ship, Bucie the boss lady of the Eastern Cape, and Sfiso Ncwane, the commander-in-chief for the Free State.

Right off the bat, Bucie seemed to take the lead as she took to the streets of the Eastern Cape and found one amazing voice after another. Her studio auditions went just as well, and those who saw what her choir could potentially become, quickly identified themselves as #TeamBucie members.

JR didn't have a good start at all. In his own words, "It's tough in Mpumalanga." He just seemed to find dud after dud. Not one to be discouraged, JR went into the auditions determined to find voices that would form a winning choir. Sure, he's a hip-hop artist who doesn't even sing himself, but JR is not to be underestimated. Those who saw the underdog potentially stealing the show came out at #TeamJR

Gospel superstar Sfiso Ncwane seemed to take on a fun approach to his search. It's no secret that gospel music is the unofficial home of choral music, so Sfiso's fans expect a lot from him.

Who will live up to their fans' expectations and who will let them down? Whose team are you on? Show your favourite choirmaster and their province some love!

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