Clash of the Choirs: All dressed up

18 February 2016
Clash of the Choirs: All dressed up Image : 831
Our choirs know how to put on a spectacular show. From tight choreography to perfect harmonies to jaw dropping costumes, each show is not just a show, but an extravaganza.

The choirmasters give their choirs great direction on how their look should match their performance. This past week was no different. Our choirs were transformed into firefighters, freedom fighters, Egyptian goddesses, schoolchildren and more! Check out how each choir brought it:

Team Bucie
Team Bucie took us back to high school school uniform, backpacks, and cute pigtails. Their choirmaster Bucie looked like the teacher every boy had a crush on.

Team Kelly
Gauteng went to Egypt this past Sunday when the choir burst onto the stage in Egyptian togas. The stage was accessorised with mock mummy tombs and mini sphinxes. Now that's really selling it!

Team iFani
We had a flashback to the glorious seventies when the gentleman of Team iFani took to the stage in high waisted bell bottom pants and glossy shirts.

Team Penny Penny

Team Penny Penny may have been dressed to impress, but it was their choirmaster Penny Penny that shole the show in his gold tapered pants and bright green sequined jacket. Aye, Papa Penny!

Team Sfiso
If you ever found yourself in a burning building, Team Sfiso may just be the people to save you. Who wouldn't want to be rescued by signing firefighters?

Team JR
The Mpumalanga choir reenacted a historic moment in South Africa's history. On the 11th of February 1990, President Nelson Mandela triumphantly walked out of prison to the sounds of roaring cheers. Team JR had the nation revisiting that moment, complete with their very own Nelson Mandela and Mam' Winnie Madikizela Mandela.

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