Clash of the Choirs: We’ll miss our Lawrence

31 March 2016
What a ride it's been!
Clash of the Choirs: We’ll miss our Lawrence Image : 908
This season of Clash of the Choirs has been a revelation in many ways.

Apart from giving Mzansi a glimpse into the methods of musical excellence that our choirmasters employ in their respective careers, as well as on the stage, Clash introduced South Africa to the talents (and inimitable style) of television’s newest Adonis, Lawrence Maleka.

Lawrence has captivated hearts since his Clash presenting debut in January - and has no doubt inspired a flurry of heart emojis on all the major social media networks. Apart from being eye-candy and the captain of the Clash of the Choirs Season 3 ship, Lawrence has played the role of a good looking sounding board and support for our choirmasters and their teams.


Throughout the Clash process, Lawrence has been right there to cheer our choirs on, ask the right questions - and even put salve on any gaping wounds (our judges have held nothing back this season). And he’s done it all with grace!


Speaking sense

Thank you Lawrence, “Ntwana ko 16, opposite Morris Isaacs” Maleka for being an incredible host.

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