Clash of the Choirs: Voting drive

29 March 2016
Clash of the Choirs: Voting drive Image : 927
The finale of Clash of the Choirs is looming, and the power has now shifted from the hands of the esteemed judges, to the hands of South Africans. This is your chance to show the team that you've been rooting for week on week, tweeting frantically about, and defending to your colleagues and peers every Monday morning, just how deep your love goes.

The voting drive is in full swing, and both choirs are using all platforms at their disposal to canvas for your votes. Each vote is valuable, each vote counts, and both choirs have been immensely popular throughout the season, and there is no clear winner.

The Mpumalanga provincial government let their colours show and threw their weight completely behind JR.

Not to be outdone by Mpumalanga, the Gauteng provincial government also came out in full support of their own. This is not just about 18 talented individuals and their choirmaster, this is about provincial bragging rights, and provincial glory.

Team Kelly not only sings in unison, but they're a united front in lobbying for your votes. Led by their no-nonsense choirmaster Kelly, they let you know exactly what you can do to help them win.

Vote #TEAMKELLY 33405, WeChat ID Mzansimagictv vote #TEAMKELLY

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Team JR employed a different strategy, but they still let the message come across. They need your votes!

20minutes left let's make the best of it!!!! SMS TEAM JR to 33405 or Vote on WeChat!!!

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Catch the Clash of the Choirs finale this Sunday at 17:30, and remember to vote for your favourite choir.