Clash of the Choirs: Show your stripes

22 March 2016
Clash of the Choirs: Show your stripes Image : 897
The end is nigh, Mzansi. We are inching closer and closer to the finale of the most epic vocal battle ever seen. Seven choirmasters took on the challenge of taking 18 talented individuals and creating a unified choir out of them, carrying the dreams and expectations of provincial glory on their shoulders.

Week after week, one choir fell, and now, only three choirs remain: Team Kelly, Team JR and Team iFnai. Fans on Twitter revealed whose choir they were hoping to win. Where do your loyalties lie?

Team Kelly's fans were very proud of the comeback kids.

Team JR have never had to clash-off to stay in the competition, and those behind the Mpumalanga choir nailed their colours to the mast.

Even choirmaster JR had a few words to say:

Team iFani have had quite a few showstopper performances, and their fans rallied behind them on Twitter.

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