Clash of the Choirs: Mam' Ribs speaks

24 March 2016
Clash of the Choirs: Mam' Ribs speaks Image : 900
Judge Rebecca Malope can be described as many things; successful, astute, gifted, among other things. The one word she can never be described with is dull. She is arguably the most exuberant of all the judges, and her excitable, sometimes comical mannerisms capture Mzansi's attentions and hearts week in and week out.

But as much as she is a bundle of energy and a bucket of smiles, she is also a serious musical adjudicator with a keen eye for talent. Her longevity in the music industry is indicative of a musicality that is strong and adaptable.

Below, she speaks about her top picks to win the Clash of the choirs prize, and the hard decisions she's had to make in the past. All in her characteristic comical style.

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