Clash of the Choirs: How Kelly did it

22 March 2016
A look at this Sunday's episode
Clash of the Choirs: How Kelly did it Image : 899
This Sunday, choirmaster Kelly Khumalo became the first choirmaster in Clash of the Choirs history to snatch an Elimination Free Pass, which guarantees one choir a spot in the finale.

Since COTC season 3 launched in January, Kelly and Gauteng have delivered memorable performances, consistently. And, as expected, this Sunday was no different.

The show kicked off with a superlative performance by house music’s crown prince, Heavy K, who hit the stage with songstress Mpumi. Their rendition of “Umoya” had the audience and the entire judges table on their feet. Season 2 alumnus Ziyon from super group Liquideep, who was filling in for Zwai Bala, showed off a couple of moves alongside our staples, Anele and Dr Rebecca Malope.

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Team JR were the first choir to perform - and their funky rendition of Dj Cndo’s “Ngisemathandweni” certainly hit the spot. Ziyon seemed really impressed with the leads, the choir as a whole and most importantly, the arrangement of the song. A speechless Rebecca could only tell Mpumalanga “You guys are doing a great job. Congratulations. Keep pushing ‘til the end”.


Kelly and Gauteng’s take on Heavy K and Mpumi’s “Wena” earned a standing ovation. “I’m still shaking. I saw the exact qualities I know Kelly for tonight. A choir takes on the qualities of their leader, so it is evident that you guys are great performers and you are powerful singers like she is. Amazing stuff,” Ziyon told the choir. An excited Anele shared his exact sentiments. “It’s by no error of judgment that you are dressed like warriors today. You fought back! I could feel the notes coming out of your fingers”.

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Team iFani’s somber take on Liquideep’s “Alone” was a far cry from the upbeat tone the song is known for. And it worked. The judges were impressed with the Western Cape’s big gamble. “The lead vocalists were a bit off pitch. Maybe it’s performance jitters and nerves? However, I will say that your blending was spot on,” Rebecca told the choir. Anele had her say too. “I’ll have to agree with Rebecca. It was a little pitchy in the beginning. However, your leads corrected themselves. I love your interpretation of the song. Creativity, blend, presentation, performance is all there. Well done!”

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Team JR took to the stage a second time to sing their Mzansi Hits choice, a rousing rendition of Zahara’s “Loliwe”. “I got tinkles of goose bumps everywhere. I don’t know how you managed to remember that arrangement. Beautiful” Anele said, corroborating the entire judging panel.

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Choirmaster Kelly and Gauteng then added a splash of eastern influence with “Ungowami” by Uhuru, Wizkid, Donald and Speedy. “Kelly, you’re one step closer to winning 1 million. Keep it up baby girl,” a speechless Rebecca said, while Anele told the gang “The absolute worst part of that performance was when it ended. My heart sank. It was that good. Your three male soloists? Stop it, I like it, continue!”

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Team iFani’s second performance, earned the choir a standing ovation. “You guys lit up! You were smiling. I got up and tried to dance. Wonderful, guys,” guest judge Ziyon said.

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Once performances were done and dusted, it was time for our Top 3 to clash off and go head to head to add to their scores for the night. After a round of making sweet music, our judges finally tallied their scores and proceeded to hand over the coveted Elimination Free Pass to Kelly, who is now guaranteed a spot in this season's finale.

Kelly cruises through

Next week, iFani and JR will be fighting for a Clash of the Choirs Top 2 spot. You don’t want to miss it! See it this Sunday at 17:30 on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161)