Celebrating our Isibaya hunks

17 March 2015
From Zweli to Bra Shady, Isibaya hunks are trending in hearts and homes across Mzansi.
Celebrating our Isibaya hunks Image : 340

Welcome to Bhubesini, the valley of hunks for every palette.

Fezile - We take our hats off to any waistcoat-clad guy, who will prance about like a peacock and sing our clan names, while we attempt to balance a bucket of water on our heads. “Zalabantu ziyebantwini”. We’re calling it! Mbulazi is an Adonis and a romantic. Have you ever?

Oh Salfina!

Bra Shady - Any man who knows how to keep S’khaleni in check deserves three spots on this list of Isibaya hunks. Mzansi loves how Bra Shady is always there to ensure the boys toe the line, kind of like Robocop, but a Robocop who manages taxis in Soweto.

Melusi – How fast they grow. That’s all we’re going to say, without running the risk of sounding incredibly inappropriate.

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Nkabinde – He will make you talk into a fire in his cave at midnight and you won’t have to fake a headache, because his bones will tell him what’s what, way in advance. What’s there not to love? If you’re into bearded warlocks and men who have first class tickets to “the other side”, then this is your man. Don’t mind the whole “sleeping in the mountains” thing. Let’s bundu-bash for love!

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Bhekifa – We’ve never seen a pair of eyes grip a nation as much as Somahhashi’s have. At this rate, we think they just might deserve their own twitter handle.

Mpiyakhe – He has money, power, and a great torso to boot. Fezile may be mad at Qondi for hooking up with uManzini, but we’re not. Look at him! Bayajabula oPhumelele no Siphokazi.

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Zweli – USomahhashi omncane is quite the looker. Don’t believe us? Let the ladies of the internet tell that story.

Mandla – Sure you’ll probably come second to Mandla’s love for the bottle, but hey, every man has his faults, right? If you love meat and can mend socks like the best of them, stand in line. Mandla yindoda emadodeni!

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Mehlemamba - After ditching mountain-life with his boss Nkabinde, soft-spoken Mehlo showed all of Mzansi just how well a warlock’s right hand man can clean up. Poetry and cuddles with his ladylove, Lerato, surely must be infinitely better than mixing tree bark with animal hair.

Samson – Did your heart not soar to the stars when Samson pulled off that daring jailbreak? Just for that, Samson "Number 1" Ndlovu finds himself on our list.

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